Pingo: a new indie puzzle game

Announcing… The Pingo High Score Contest!

For full details, check out the Contest Page.  For more about Pingo, see below:

Poker + Bingo = Pingo!


A few easy ways to show support for Pingo:

Help get the word out.  Like, share and tweet the Pingo video.  Give your friends a chance to hear about this casual, but addicting new puzzle game.  Plus, more views will show the judges that Pingo deserves a shot in the spotlight!

Become a playtester!

A private browser demo is available, and 1-Pup needs your opinions to make Pingo the best possible game that it can be.  Just by playing the web-prototype, you’ll provide valuable data that will make the final balanced and enjoyable for all.  To apply, fill out our Playtester Application today!  We look forward to hearing from you.

Pingo in the news:

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VGN24: Pingo Unveiled and Screens

Game Video Spot: Pingo a new indie Puzzle Game

If you’d like to schedule an interview with Pingo creator Eve Park, please contact 1-Pup games.

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  1. [...] contest which runs from January 23- February 18th. Check out Pingo (which is also looking for playstesters) by checking out the video above and sharing it. Check it out and support Indie Female game [...]

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